• Care for the elderly

    Care for the elderly

    We ensure professional care and support for the older or perhaps sick person who needs help in order to be able to continue to live alone in his or her own home.

We ensure professional care and support for the older or perhaps sick person who needs help in order to be able to continue to live alone in his or her own home.

Care for the older person

We provide professional care and support for the elderly sick persons to enable them to continue to live self sufficiently in their own homes.

At the same time such help assures a better quality of life for the affected person as well as his/her family who need help with their relative.
You can have peace of mind that your loved ones are in the caring hands of a qualified and experienced professional. Such staff are not only monitored but also especially supported by our management.

How can our Care personnel help you?

Care staff for our clients enable  the cared for person the freedom to continue to live a self-sufficient life .
They plan the daily timetable around the  needs and requirements of the cared for person so that he/she can have proper rest time and enjoy the awake hours content in the knowledge that their health  and daily life needs are in safe hands.

The Care staff will help in securing social interaction, which will counteract feelings of loneliness. They can help by accompanying the client to meetings or visiting friends,  going for walks or shopping or to the cinema and even play games.
The client is not bound to his nursing home, and if he goes out and about our companion for the client will know what is allowed or not, and guide the client to a safe and enjoyable outing.  

Our companions for the elderly can help in the following ways:

• T ransport and mobility.                                       
• Assistance with daily activities, enablement of mobility in the home and travel.
• Body and position movement.                                 
• Help to change the patient’s body position and location, which avoids discomfort and sores.
• Daily exercises.                                                           
• Exercising is an essential part of a healthy life style because it strengthens and maintains both the physical and the mental tone of the patient at a productive level.  Exercises can also be tailored to health improvement as in the case of impaired mobility, or for treatable conditions such as poor balance.
• Grooming and clothing
• Bathing and toilet
• Assistance with bladder problems
• First aid in case of emergency requirements
• Communication
• Food preparation / Simple meal cooking 
• A healthy diet and a balanced life style can cure or prevent many of the typical maladies suffered by the elderly. Our minders for the elderly are prepared to administer a healthy diet and control an exercise programme which will leave the patient content with his state of health and which will make him feel good.
• Minor housekeeping help.                                      
• Housekeeping tasks such as tidying, cleaning the bathroom, washing up, making beds, dusting, vacuum cleaning, emptying rubbish.
• Looking after pets
• Tending to house plants
• Shopping
• Recreational activities
• Car driving

In what special situations can the minder help the elderly person?

• Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
• Palliative care
• Care of the disabled.
• Our goal is to enable  the patient to lead a full but  independent life which is comfortable  and socially rich. If the person is suffering physically or mentally, our staff can provide the necessary individually tailored care and support.