“Agency” shall mean “Helping Hand”. “Candidate” shall mean any person registered with Helping Hand for the purpose of seeking employment. “Client” shall mean any person or company registered with Helping Hand for the purpose of seeking someone to employ a Candidate.

Once the Client is registered with the Agency, by virtue of requesting the services of the Agency, the Client is deemed to have understood and accepted the terms and conditions set out below.

Agency Obligations
1. The Agency will make every effort to provide the Client with the best-suited Candidate to meet the needs and requirements of the Client.
2. Should the Client request the services of a given Candidate, the Agency will provide a contract, with terms and conditions relative to the work of the Candidate.
3. The Agency shall keep the Client’s details strictly confidential as required by RODO regulations in force at the time.

Client Obligations
1. The Client is obliged to provide the Agency with all the required information, about themselves, what position they need a Candidate to fulfill, and any other information required by the Agency to carry out its obligations.
2. The Client is under no obligation to employ any Candidate proposed by the Agency.
3. Should the Client request the services of a Candidate, the Client must so inform the Agency without delay.
4. In the case of a foreign employee, the Client is obliged to ensure that the Candidate is legally entitled to work in Poland, although reasonable measures will be taken by the Agency to provide the Client with a Candidate with the appropriate permissions as required.
5. The Client is obliged to sign a contract of employment with the Candidate but understands that the signing of the contract of employment is a formality outside the scope of responsibility of the Agency and, once the Client has made an offer that the Candidate accepts, the Candidate is viewed by the Agency as an employee of the Client.
6. The Client is obliged to send a copy of the Contract of Employment to the Agency, before the Candidate commences work.
7. The Client shall keep all Candidates’ details strictly confidential. Any breach of this condition which results in a Candidate accepting an offer of employment by a third party renders the Client liable for full payment of the Agency’s fees.

1. All stipulated fees are quoted in PLN net of VAT tax.
2. VAT is payable at a rate of 23 percent in addition to all fees and is subject to change in accordance with any changes in the current VAT rate.

Placement Fees
The Client agrees to the payment of a non-negotiable placement fee as follows
1. In the case of a Permanent placement, the fee is equal to 80% of one month's salary of the Candidate.
2. In the case of a Shared placement, the Client will be liable for the proportion of fees corresponding to the proportion of time the Candidate works for the Client.
3. In the case of a Dual placement, the Client will be liable for the paymentof one full placement fee for the first candidate and 50% of the placement fee for the second candidate.
4. The Client will also be liable for the payment of the above placement fees, should the Candidate be employed by a Third party to whom the Candidate is referred by the Client.
5. The Client becomes liable for paying the placement fee once the Client has requested the services of a Candidate, and the Candidate has accepted the offer of employment.
6. The Client is required to pay the placement fee within 7 days from the date of invoice issued by the Agency.
7. If the Client fails to pay the Agency within the stipulated time, the Agency will take legal action against the Client for all outstanding fees, including for the recovery of any expenses incurred.

If the Client cannot provide the conditions for the Candidate to commence work on the agreed starting date, then the Client will be liable to pay the Candidate a retainer of 50% of the agreed salary from the original agreed commencement date in order to secure the placement.

Three month guarantee period
If the Client lawfully terminates the employment of a Candidate within three months of commencement of duties, the Agency will do their best to provide a suitable, replacement Candidate. In such a case, the Client will not be liable for paying a renewed placement fee. However, in the unlikely event of the Agency not being able to provide an alternative suitable Candidate, the Agency is not liable to refund the initial placement fee paid by the Client.

Cancelation policy
1. Cancellation by the Client
If the Client cancels the Candidate’s employment before the Candidate commences work, the Client is still liable to pay the full placement fee.
This is because the Agency has already provided the Client with the service of finding them a suitable Candidate.
2. Cancellation by the Candidate
If the Candidate terminates the employment before or after commencing work, the Agency will use its best endeavours to find the Client another Candidate, free of charge. However, in the unlikely event of the Agency not being able to provide another suitable Candidate, the Agency will not be held liable to refund the placement fee.

The Agency does not accept any responsibility and/or liability in terms of any wrongful information or unintentional misrepresentation concerning the Candidate, nor shall they be liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by the Client resulting from any act or omission of a Candidate, whether intentional or through negligence.