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Recruitment – What are our conditions and requirements?

• You have to be a person commited to working to the best of your abilities
• You must have the qualifications and experience for the post for which you are applying
• You must have references which can and will be checked, and which are applicable to the applied for position
• You have to respect the values, rights and privacy of the client and his family that you will be working for
• You have to be in good health and with physical resilience
• The people we are looking to hire have had no conflict with the law in their past and can prove they have not been  criminally  convicted 

Curriculum vitae – preparation

You must have a CV which should be clearly laid out.
We can help you to present a CV in the format of a unique profile, professionally exploiting your personality, your capabilities and experience.

Why it’s worth to join our team which is constantly expanding its search for interesting new work?

• Simple and effective application procedures
• Free registration on our resources database
• Many new and exciting work opportunities  from which you can help to chose the right one for you
• Potential possibility of work abroad

What is the procedure for applying for employment?

Step 1: Registration
Contact us if you wish to apply

Step 2: A meeting with us in our office.

What you need to bring with you to your interview:

• Copy of your ID/Passport
• Copy of your driving licence (if applicable)
• Standard colour photograph of yourself (as for your ID document)
• A copy of your up to date CV
• Copy of your valid certificates, diplomas and references.

During your qualification meeting we shall discuss, in appropriate detail, your application, employment history, pay expectations and your plans for the future.

Step 3: CV editing, if required, prior to submission to clients

Step 4: Reference checking.
We shall, of course need your permission to check your references. Some clients may require other types of control, but we shall never agree to them without securing your permission first.

Step 5: Meeting your family.
The client will probably wish to meet you, either in our office or at his home or his workplace. Please speak to us first about the job position you are applying for.

Step 6: Employment.
We can engage a professional to advise you on the current employment legislation.

Contact us to discuss employment opportunities, or the apply on-line.

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Add your CV
Letter of motivation
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