• Who we are?

    Who we are?

We are an innovative firm striving to fulfill the needs of everyone who wants help in the home, be it looking after a child or the house or an elderly person. We concentrate on customer service. We want to have the certainty, that the relations between our help provider and the client are harmonious and that the services we provide give the client full satisfaction.

We ensure careful selection of our staff, individually tailored services and attentiveness in responding to clients’ specific needs. We will state what are the available options and which, in our opinion m will give the best results. As a result of our work you will free up more time for the things which are most important for you.

We are constantly recruiting new staff to grow a strong group of helpers from which to select the best fit for the profile and character of your family. We fully realize how important it is for us to provide the best fitting helpers for your needs.

Thanks to our thorough approach to staff selection we know we shall be supplying staff who are both a good fit as well as having the appropriate  qualifications.